Administration services

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Financial Administration

Financial Administration

  • Update and administration of accounting records i.e. general ledger and debtor control function.
  • Updating and reconciliation of bank account (cheque and fixed deposit).
  • Payment of supplier accounts i.e. creditor control function in accordance with instructions from Trustees.
  • Payment of wages and relevant employee levies on behalf of the Body Corporate.
  • Organise and see to the annual audit.
  • Periodical composition of management reports.
  • Administration and handling of funds on fixed investments.
Financial Administration
Levy Collection
Levy Collection

Levy Collection

  • Collection of levies and other income of the Body Corporate.
  • Issuing of monthly levy accounts.
  • Preparation of annual budget and levy schedule.
Administration, Secretarial & Advisory

Administration, Secretarial & Advisory

  • Assisting the Trustees with obeying the rules of the Body Corporate.
  • Interaction with the legal representative concerning collection of outstanding amounts.
  • Handling of telephonic queries.
  • Written correspondence and issuing of newsletters (as collated by Trustees).
  • Supplying Levy Clearance Certificates for transfer of ownership.
  • Organising Annual General Meetings.
  • Attendance of Annual General Meeting, recording and issuing of Minutes.
  • Organising Trustee Meetings, recording and issuing of Minutes.
  • Advise Trustees regarding General and Special Meetings, quorums, proxies and right to vote.
  • Advisory service regarding provisions of the Sectional Title Act and other relevant legislation
  • Recruitment of contractors and staff as required
  • Assisting drafting of conduct rules and amendments thereto
  • Attendance at special general meetings
Administration, Secretarial & Advisory
Insurance & Claims Administration
Insurance & Claims Administration

Insurance & Claims Administration

  • Negotiation of favourable premiums
  • Organising of insurance coverage
  • Assisting trustees in determining insurance values
  • Submission and succession of insurance claims

Repairs & Maintenance Administration

  • Negotiating with independent contractors in cooperation with Trustees.
  • The Trustees will be cooperative with the collection and presentation of the quotations.
  • Marite Property Administrators offers dedicated maintenance administration, supported by a Repairs and Maintenance Online (RMO) internet-based system which enables transparency. It allows you to oversee the process of sourcing quotes, booking maintenance work and following up with the contractors concerned. All Marite Offices have panels of approved contractors as maintenance partners: their workmanship and cost effectiveness has been positively tested from extensive prior experience. All contractors are compliant in terms of Health and Safety Act 85/1993.
  • Attending to making the necessary arrangements with approved contractors to assist after hours in cases of emergency.
Repairs & Maintenance Administration